Ali Badani is a Mumbaikar by birth and a Bangalorean at heart. Artist, philanthropist and designer extraordinaire, he graduated from Hinduja College, Mumbai and simultaneously studied Interior Design and Fine Arts at Indian Institute of Art. Ali, of many talents is passionate about adventure sports ranging from skiing, white water rafting and mountaineering, to sky diving and scuba diving.
Like all genius artists, Ali Badani managed to balance his hectic student life with this diehard passion for design. Against all odds, he has been designing his entire life, and he believes that with simple techniques of art and design, the world can look so much better. While running Mumbai’s famous Khozem Glass Processing Works, Ali and his brother Khozema managed to introduce fashionable, decorative glass into the market. And it didn’t stop here.
His experiences have taken him from a post graduate degree at the Indian Institute of Arts to the rain-water harvesting business, until he gave in to his true calling. Now, he has finally brought his own unique signature to elegant, designer homeware and lifestyle products.
Ali Badani products are unique, understated and effortlessly chic. Brand Ali Badani guarantees genuine, luxury products that will delight the blue-blooded and the stylish alike.
Not convinced? Step in and see for yourself as Ali Badani gives new meaning to the phrase home decor.